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Welcome to the Meditech Nurse Tutorial, a web-based learning program aimed at ward nurses, that enables them to use Meditech to document their care following a patient's journey from admission to discharge.


At the end of this tutorial, the nurse should be able to:

1. Understand the importance of computer driven records.
2. Understand how clinical and non clinical modules are related.
3. By following the patient's journey, demonstrate the ability to assess a patient, choose and individualize a care plan for him, then document against it.
4. Be able to use "Order entry" to order tests for a patient and make referrals.
5. Understand how to access all patient's information using PCI.
6. Be able to transfer and discharge a patient on Meditech.
7. Understand how to access magic office including the library and how to create own cabinets and drawers, and demonstrate the ability to communicate with other users by sending and receiving E-mail using MOX.

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